Golden Ark’s objective by being an early developer and creator, is to provide the platforms for millions if not billions of users that will enable the rapid growth of the Metaverse and radically change how we do business and communicate.

Golden Opportunities

Play to Earn
Your time spent usefully inside the metaverse will be rewarded with tokens/points, P2E as its finest.
Earn to Burn
Exchange accumulated or purchased tokens/points for real products in the Marketplace or for the digital assets inside the Metaverse.
New acquaintances, online dates, walks through the locations of the metaverse, rotate the digital spliff and much more.
Virtual Events
Visit all kinds of exhibitions, galleries and events. Enjoy your time!
Ark Tree

In the depths of distant space, the Ark Tree citadel rotates in its orbit, a house that unites an unlimited number of universes into one single multiverse. Each sphere on the trunk of Ark Three is a separate unique world with its own ecosystem, laws of physics and mechanics.

Key Locations

Inside the Metaverse, every citizen has the right to arrange his life as he pleases.
Ark City
Current capital of the Golden Ark metaverse. Every citizen of Ark City has the opportunity to fully enjoy the city life, go shopping and exchange savings for real goods within the metaverse. Feel the urban life, socialize by making new friends and share some beautiful moments inside of the Golden Ark metaverse.
Seed Horizons
Take on the role of a MetaGrower in the polygonal universe of Seed Horizons. Grow cannabis, get unique strain seeds and exchange your harvest for real stuff in the dispensaries closest to you. Expand and customize your farm as you wish, trade or sell your crops and live the full life of a MetaGrower in the Seed Horizons Universe.
Golden Ark Mall (coming soon)
Golden Ark Mall is a huge indoor marketplace in the current capital of the metaverse - Ark City, which includes all kinds of Golden Ark and Partners trading pavilions. We creating all of the conditions for comfortable in-game shopping inside the Golden Ark Metaverse, feel what it means to be a virtual shopaholic with us! Stay tuned…
Lounge Zone
A special space in which there is a place for everyone, our lounge zone was created in order to bring together the inhabitants of the Ark Tree citadel. Spend time together, have online dates, attend all different kinds of events, play arcade games, have some smoke and give yourself time to relax in a place specially designated for it.

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