About Us

Golden Ark is a California State licensed grower of Cannabis that supplies licensed dispensaries and the general public with marijuana products grown from the original seeds Ark has collected from around the world.

Wishing to make a positive contribution to the development of Web 3.0. technology we stand as an early developer and creator of platforms and products for the metaverse that will be used by millions of individuals in social groups with like interests; defining and shaping the metaverse that is forecasted to be a trillion-dollar industry in just a few short years.


Our Team

Michael M
Business Development
Mitch N
Jack L
Chief Technology Officer
Dan N
Chief Financial Officer
Hallie D
Business Development and Partnerships
Hans B
Chief Operating Officer
Al F
Chief Design Officer
Daniel V.
Vice President of Sales

Our Team

Val V.
Max B
Director of Marketing
Andrew S
Crypto Evangelist
Serge K
Head of Operations
Yuri V.
Alexander A
PR & Media Guru
Lisa V
Sales Star
Alex P
Master of 3D Architecture
Vlad G
Design Rock-Star
Farid Y
Project Man
Stan M
Web Development Master
Alex G
Master of Visual Communications

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