Tech visionaries see the metaverse as our future, supplanting our physical reality with an immersive virtual experience that offers us everything we can imagine. Whether it will replace, augment or merely extend it, everyone from corporate leaders to newly minted entrepreneurs sees it as a financial new world. The rest of us are amazed at its potential as much as its personal sensory adventure, entering illusory worlds as avatars, experiencing remote environments from our own perspective, or bringing three-dimensional objects into our living rooms. The list is virtually endless.

Gaming has already been transformed by the Minecraft and Doom VR franchises and shopping is next. Cosmetic companies already offer virtual apps that allow customers to try shades of makeup and furniture stores can virtually place tables and chairs in our home or office. Entertainment isn’t far behind, with fans enjoying virtual concerts on the Fortnight platform and anticipating watching football games from helmet cams. There are opportunities for learning, too, in formal education, corporate training and personal improvement. Even healthcare will be enhanced with innovations in therapies and telemedicine.

Now, a new industry has adapted these uses for its specific market, the cannabis community. Golden Ark, a profitable California seed- to-sale company, is launching the first metaverse platform for marijuana enthusiasts, offering them everything they want in a safe environment. Of course, gaming with friends in a social network is a priority, but Golden Ark offers play-to-earn games in which players can acquire crypto assets or monetize a lounge. Plus they offer much more because their format is similar to Decentraland, an extended immersive environment. In the marketplace, distributors can connect with consumers and members can shop for wearables, collectables and topicals with fiat money or cryptocurrency. Blockchain will ensure that these transactions are secure, verifiable and stored on a permanent decentralized ledger.  

There will also be resources for the community. A mapping system will help consumers find the best dispensaries, and a library will offer research, educational materials and product information. Golden ark developers will also benefit the industry. They’ll integrate producer and distributor systems without interruption to their operations, offering them assistance with seed-to-sale tracking, chain of custody and transaction verification as well as equipment ordering and inventory management. For the whole community, Golden Ark interacts with local, state and Federal agencies on cannabis and blockchain regulations.

If the metaverse offers anything, it is the opportunity to innovate many of our social and economic systems. Golden Ark promises to do just that for its community.