For the cannabis community – all 50+ million of you in the US – there couldn’t be anything more perfect or more welcome (clichés like banana cheese sandwiches come to mind): a metaverse platform for marijuana fans.

Like any consumer market, you need a site that lets you search for retail outlets and research products without the gnawing sense you’re being watched. Like any society with shared interests, you want to network with like-minded aficionados without being restricted by the “community guidelines” and “shadowbans” on popular social media sites. You ask for more than those sites created by the cannabis industry to promote business profitability and reach consumers, or 420-friendly chat rooms and forums dominated by conversations about cultivation. What you’re looking for is a safe, all-encompassing venue where you can do everything you want, like socialize and play games with your friends, find sources for edibles and topicals, and shop for accessories and clothing that proudly display your favorite botanical motif.

Now you have it. Golden Ark, a prominent California seed-to-sale company, has announced plans for a platform on the metaverse. That’s 3D, my friends, a 360° blending of the real world with the virtual. The platform will provide the whole cannabis community with all the services they’ve wanted and benefits they couldn’t imagine, all in an immersive environment for them to enjoy. 

There’s more. Since the platform will be based on blockchain technology, transactions will be executed, verified and recorded on a secure decentralized ledger. Since crypto will be the currency of choice, holders can use BUSD, ETH or Ark420 coins in addition to old-school fiat money. Want currency to burn? Try play-to-earn games to acquire crypto assets or build a social group and monetize a lounge.

Golden Ark has something for the cannabis industry, too. It will be more than another marketplace, but a resource for shifting the whole supply chain to blockchain, from growers and manufacturers to dispensaries and research labs. Golden Ark will provide dApps that ensure a secure and verifiable ledger for all cannabis services and offers to integrate current business systems without disruption to ongoing work. Seed-to-sale tracking, inventory management and equipment ordering can all be integrated, supported by chain of custody verification and proof of delivery. On top of all that, Golden Ark advocates for the cannabis and blockchain industries regarding local, state and Federal regulations.

Got your attention? Watch for the platform launch at and experience 420 life in the 360 metaverse.