Golden Ark is a seed-to-market cannabis supplier licensed in California. The team has scoured the earth to source rare, exceptional marijuana seeds from around the world.

Their willingness to continually innovate and optimize their systems has helped them emerge as pioneers in the cannabis industry on multiple fronts. 

Through the team’s unique brand of ingenuity and countless hours of research and development, Golden Ark has answers to questions that their industry peers aren’t even asking.

These questions include, “What is the metaverse and where do cannabis brands fit into it?” and “Can blockchain better secure my supply chain?” 

By harnessing blockchain technology and web 3.0 advancements (metaverse), Golden Ark is revolutionizing cannabis cultivation and community building. Its empowered the cannabis community, 

Creating the Golden Ark Metaverse has been no small feat. Full-scale world development that supports the level of social functionality, entertainment, commerce, and interactivity found within the Golden Ark Metaverse is certain to produce a truly 1 of 1 experience.

Referred to as the Ark Tree, this digital multiverse can be a surreal euphoria for billions of cannabis users, supporters, online gamers, and digital socialites around the world. 

What is the vision for the Golden Ark Metaverse?

Golden Ark aims to build the best possible metaverse. As Web 3.0 shifts our digital experiences, Golden Ark intends to be a positive platform and influential force for metaverse users. 

The Golden Ark Metaverse was developed and will be continually managed with three core values in mind:

  1. Collective Impact
  2. Decentralization 
  3. Aligned Incentives 

Inhabitants of Golden Ark Metaverse are encouraged to work together to maintain a pleasant and exciting world, welcoming to users of all interests and lifestyles.