Attitudes toward marijuana use have changed dramatically over the last few decades. In 1989, only 16% of US public opinion favored legalization, while 81% opposed. Now, 91% of the public thinks it should be legal for recreational use and/or medical use, while only 8% thinks it should be illegal in all cases. Many influential sources propose that it is not as dangerous as alcohol, including politicians like President Obama in a famous New Yorker interview. Overdoses are virtually nonexistent with weed and health-related costs and crime rates are much lower than associated with alcohol consumption, while many reports document its effectiveness in easing pain, controlling nausea and increasing appetite for numerous illnesses. All this when the enforcement of marijuana law has resulted in racial disparities, a waste of policing efforts and billions in governmental budgets with no decrease in the use or availability of marijuana.

Cannabis is now legal in 18 states for recreational purposes, while another 19 allow medicinal use. Yet enthusiasts and patients, producers and distributors, are still restricted from leading social media sites by “community guidelines” and “shadowbans” that hide posts from followers. The social networks that circumvent these restrictions or create dedicated community platforms seem to target the industry, not the consumer.

Fortunately, there’s hope for the entire 420 culture because Golden Ark is developing a platform that will offer a safe ecosystem for commerce and recreation. A leading California grower and supplier, Golden Ark will provide all the essential services that businesses and customers would want in a marijuana marketplace: shops for accessories, topicals and wearables, maps of nearby dispensaries, and research on cannabis products and dispensary inventory.  Except it will be more, an entrance to the wonderland of the crypto metaverse.

First, the platform will be based on blockchain technology utilizing cryptocurrency. Blockchain dApps will secure cannabis transactions with execution, verification and storage on permanent decentralized ledgers. Crypto owners can access services and products with BUSD, ETH or Ark420 coins, acquire more assets with play-to-earn games, and monetize assets with their own lounge. Businesses will benefit from seed-to-sale tracking, proof of delivery, inventory management and equipment ordering.

Second, the platform will be a metaverse space like Decentraland that blends the real world with the virtual with augmented experiences. Enthusiasts will have an immersive universe for gaming and socializing with others of the global cannabis community. Establishing opportunities for meaningful human connection is just as important for Golden Ark as promoting profitable business networks.

All this is set to launch in a few weeks. If you can’t wait, visit for a preview.