Think of how much business has used media technology to develop and market products. In the last century, it produced movies and also commercialized them with product placement and advertising. Then the golden age of television was gold for both Hollywood and Madison Avenue. Starting in the 1970s, the internet introduced a myriad of new opportunities, including email, social media, online shopping, streaming news and entertainment, video games, and apps. The pandemic only accelerated entertainment and shopping in a digital world, leaving brick and mortar stores and theaters in the dust. Where to now? 

Business is moving to the metaverse, the virtual reality platform that can take all that the internet has produced and transform it into observable and immersive 3D cyberspace. Now forward-looking companies are scrambling to find their place in the interconnected simulated environment, staking claim to virtual real estate as well as product lines in their quest to be relevant, competitive and profitable.

The metaverse promises customer engagement with enhanced, personalized product experiences, such as rotating a piece of furniture or trying on new clothes. Customer service, delivery and exchange can all be streamlined using avatars in one interactive space. The new world also provides a new marketplace for virtual products for virtual characters and spaces, like Nike NFT sneakers.

Who’s leading the cyber gold rush? Of course, all the tech superpowers are up front, not only building the futuristic environment but monetizing it, too. Facebook (aka Meta), Microsoft and Google continue to expand their range of digital products as Apple shifts their retail enterprises online and all view the metaverse as next their marketplace. However, these aren’t the only players to recognize the potential of a 3D internet, and new industries are also eager to seize the new day.

One of the most intriguing is Golden Ark’s launch of a platform for the cannabis industry and consumers. As one of California’s profitable seed-to-sale companies, it’s helping growers and suppliers to create a safe environment for its customers to find dispensaries, shop for wearables and accessories, interact with the global community and try gaming with their friends. In true metaverse form, the platform will be the first to connect 420 culture and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. While fiat currency will be accepted, crypto holders of BUSD, ETH or Ark420 can also purchase products or access services. Blockchain ensures all transactions will be secured, verified and stored on a permanent decentralized ledger.

Cannabis companies will have more than a marketplace because Golden Ark is working to shift their entire supply chain to blockchain, from producers and growers, to dispensaries and research. These businesses can integrate all aspects of their operating systems, including seed-to-sale tracking, inventory management, proof of delivery and equipment ordering.

Golden Ark proves that the metaverse can be a golden opportunity for any business that has vision and appreciation of emerging technologies.