The legal cannabis industry sprouted in the last decade and soon became one of the fastest growing industries in the US. Infused by venture capital and supported by legalization in many states, it reached $25 billion in sales last year, which translates to $92 billion national economic impact with taxes, real estate revenue, etc. It’s expected to reach $46 billion by 2026, rising with each new estimate, and global sales will follow the US market with $61 billion.

Good numbers for producers, but what will it offer consumers? Golden Ark, one of California’s leading growers and suppliers, wants to take it to another dimension. It envisions a safe environment for all those who share the love of leaf or need it for medical purposes, without the threat of exclusion that they find on traditional social networks that restrict 420-friendly content. It will create a Web3 platform where bud buyers can find nearby dispensaries, shop for accessories and wearables, and research cannabis products and dispensary inventory.

And it will offer much more: a virtual metaverse platform similar to Decentraland, where enthusiasts can experience 3D gaming with their friends and connect with the global cannabis community in lounges to share culture and ideas. Members will also have access to the exclusive collection of Golden NFTs.

And still more. Golden Ark will be the first platform to connect 420 commerce with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency holders have access to all their services and apps with BUSD, ETH or Ark420 coins. Their blockchain dApp will ensure that all cannabis transactions will be secure because they’re executed, verified and recorded on a permanent decentralized ledger. Of course, aficionados also want financial rewards. Here they can earn Ark420 tokens and play-to-earn games to acquire crypto assets. Or build a social group and monetize a lounge.

For that growing industry, Golden Ark will provide more than a marketplace to reach customers. It plans to move the whole supply chain to blockchain – manufacturers, growers, dispensaries, testing and research labs – by offering their blockchain dApps to ensure a permanent and verified ledger for all cannabis services. Their developers will integrate participants’ systems to assist with all aspects of the business from seed-to-sale tracking to proof of delivery, from inventory management to equipment ordering. They’ll work with local, state and Federal governments on both cannabis and blockchain regulatory management.

Golden Ark wants to revolutionize the cannabis shopping experience by blending the real world with the metaverse. It might also transform the cannabis industry.