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The Ark Tree is a cyclic multiversal citadel, home for the inhabitants of the Golden Ark Metaverse. The unconquerable and timeless fortress is a collection of various worlds, giving its inhabitants the opportunity to travel from one universe to another within a single Metaverse.

Play to Earn & Earn to Smoke! Grow Virtual Cannabis and exchange it for a real one and for selected crypto, make new friends and get a lot of mind-blowing emotions in the Golden Ark Metaverse.

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Play to Earn. Earn to Burn

Play to Earn

Take on the role of a cannabis grower in the world of Seed Horizons, grow your crops and accumulate your digital savings within the Metaverse.

Earn to Burn

Spend your accumulated funds inside the Metaverse, visit Golden Ark Stores, exchange earned tokens/points for crypto or real products from the Golden Ark Marketplace, save them or exchange for digital assets or NFTs to earn more, get VIP access and improve your possessions!


Take on the role of a MetaGrower in the Golden Ark Metaverse! Grow and breed different kinds of cannabis strains, trade your crops for real cannabis in Golden Ark Stores within the Metaverse, improve your farms and increase the volume of your agriculture in the world of Seed Horizons!


Golden NFT

Exclusive Collection
Members Only

Choose your avatar before someone else takes him. Take part in a raffle for a new NFT collection of b-boy skunks. Check if you are eligible for a free mint.

Respect Level: Doesn't give a damn
Weapons: Nuclear Cutter
Grows top cannabis strains at lower levels of the ARK Tree citadel. He is comfortable maintaining a slim balance between legal and gray station-streets dealing.
Respect Level: High
Weapons: Flamethrower
Transports and delivers top priced cannabis batches, has access to upper and lower lower levels of the ARK Tree Citadel.

Golden Ark Payments

We are happy to introduce the innovative virtual payment system integrated into the Golden Ark Metaverse. It can rightfully be called universal. With Golden Ark Payments you have the opportunity to store your savings and pay for your purchases with debit and credit cards, cryptocurrency or points accumulated on an integrated point system.

Ark420 token is available for Private Sale only. Click on Connect Wallet button and leave your email to receive the invitation.



Buy cool products with fiat money and selected crypto.

Enjoy shopping at the Golden Ark Marketplace, buy cool products within the Metaverse or by visiting the website.

Golden Ark Skunktastic Voyage

Play an exciting game on your device of choice or visit our Metaverse and play it on one of our virtual arcade machines. Bring on the fun with our Skunktastic Voyage game!



2022 Q2
  • Skunctastic Voyage Arcade game launch
  • Golden Ark Marketplace launch
  • Golden Ark Metaverse MVP launch
  • ARKTHENTICATE Supply Chain on a Blockchain launch
  • Skunktastics NFT collection drop
2022 Q4
  • Metaverse HUGE update
  • ARKTHENTICATE Supply Chain
    on a Blockchain second version
2023 Q2
  • Metaverse HUGE update
  • Golden Ark Metaverse
    full-fledged launch

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